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Eric Prothero, Camp Director, Lead Instructor


Hello, I am Eric Prothero, program director and lead teacher of Camp GObotics. I have been an elementary school teacher for the Goleta Union School District since 1998, having taught kindergarten through sixth grades. I graduated from UCSB with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Music, a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential, and a Masters Degree in Education. I currently teach sixth grade at Hollister Elementary School, have been the director of the Hollister School LEGO Robotics program, which has helped lead the way for the Goleta Union School District in the field of LEGO Robotics. I finished my fourth year as a FIRST LEGO League coach.  Before Covid-19, since 2012 I had been organizing the "Hollister School LEGO Robotics Challenge" in May, which was attended by several schools in the Goleta Area.  I am looking forward to resuming our robotics program and next year re-launching this fun event.  


Other Teachers and Volunteers


Support personnel has included interns from Dos Pueblos High School.  Thank you to all of the Teachers, Dos Pueblos High School Engineering Academy students and other inspired adults and young adults who have worked and volunteered at Camp GObotics:  


Here are some past contributors to Camp GObotics:  David Long, Katelyn Greene, Adam Dai, Alex Tran, Tony Oliverio, Phillip Hodgson, Josh Wang, Eeesha Kelkar, Yijin Wang, Bryce Marshall, Loiuse Blair, Alison Butler,  Kenyon Prater,  Arturo Ramirez, Andrew Cho, Bonnie Dawson, Max Anhalt, Palak Jain, Brandon Dutton, Brianna Gilman, Kaylie Grant, Aracely Ramirez, Jonathan Liu, Ethan Berger, Sophia Prothero, Dylan Prothero, Owen Katz, Jacob Kaminsky, Naya Sterritt, Minna Wittenback, Maya McLure, Megan Robinson,  Charlie Parker, Zoe Geller, Annie Field, Owen Katz, Sophia Prothero, Natalie Sigurdson, Rhea Kommerel, Sophia Su, Charlie Pearlman, Caden Weaver, and many more!






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