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For ages 6-14, Camp GObotics uses LEGO® Mindstorms NXT, EV3 and Spike Prime building-system kits and an extensive bank of extra parts to design and create unique robots that can then be programmed to do just about anything you want! Camp GObotics incorporates features of FIRST® LEGO® League, a fast-growing, multi-national organization in which teams of kids compete using their robot creations and skills, and use "coopertition" to bring out the best in themselves.  Eric Prothero is a certified, trained professional educator. He incorporates elements of the next generation Common Core science standards (NGSS) in engineering and design.  Camp GObotics was created to help teach and inspire children to take their LEGO building to the next level while practicing real-life math skills, coding, and friendly competition.  Each student will have a carefully chosen partner, and will be taught with not more than a 7-to-1 student to teacher ratio.  See the "Session Themes" page for more information.
Here are some websites you can explore to learn more about this growing movement:
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Programming Video Tutorials
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