Special Summer 2021

Dear Camp GObotics Fans,

Camp GObotics will run remotely via Zoom for our TENTH year of robotics instruction this Summer, 2021! After teaching fifth and sixth grades remotely for the past year, I am confident that this will be a fun, successful, and engaging way for our campers to build, code, and learn.  However, I am hoping for your input in planning for July, 2021!  


Here is how Camp GObotics will run this summer IF it is virtual:

  • I will be offering two week-long (Monday through Friday) sessions.

  • Sign-ups will be limited to eight students, ages 8 and up.

  • Students will be coached in how to build and program with LEGO’s new robotics system: “Spike Prime.” Families will need to purchase this system for their own students prior to camp. (details below.)  LEGO Mindstorms is also an option, if you already have one of these kits.

  • Sessions will consist of an opening project launch/set up,  followed by building sessions in which I will be available for troubleshooting, instruction, and questions while students build and code; and then we will end each day together with a group sharing session. 




​Tuition for Virtual Camp GObotics is $225 for a week-long session.  If camp is run in-person, the tuition will be the same (we will know by July).  Make sure to complete the SURVEY! 




The “Spike Prime” Robotics System:

Now is a great time and opportunity to take advantage of LEGO's new robotics system: "Spike Prime" (shown here). It uses Scratch-based coding, which prepares students for more advanced coding languages like Python. I think Spike Prime is ideal for this summer because it is more affordable than the MINDSTORMS system, and its software includes very clear building and coding tutorials which will make it easier for students to understand each project remotely.  The Spike Prime system costs approximately $329 and is ordered directly from LEGO Education.com. 


How to Sign up and Get Ready for Virtual Camp GObotics:

1.  ENROLL using the form on the "Enroll" page on www.campgobotics.com.   Enrollment is limited to 8 students per session, on a first-come, first-served basis.  Priority will be given to students who were already enrolled for summer 2020.  Selection is limited to either morning or afternoon sessions. However, you may sign up for multiple weeks. 

2.  ORDER a Spike Prime set ($329.95) from LEGO Education.com at least 1 month prior to the session.  The SPIKE App is compatible with Windows 10, ChromeOS, MacOS, iOS, and Android.  (See: FAQs). 

3. UNBOX, ORGANIZE the parts, and DOWNLOAD the software to a device. I recommend the use of an iPad or other touchscreen device.

4.  IF virtual, MEET WITH ME for a one-on-one check in the week before camp to test Zoom and to make sure the Spike App is installed and working properly. It is important to  have a reliable internet connection and I strongly recommend that you use two separate devices: one for Zooming and one for coding, so both can be done simultaneously.

Question: What will we be making?

I will add my signature, special Camp GObotics spin and engineering challenges to complement the project instructions that are included with the Spike Prime software.  This will include friendly competition. Our projects combine building, coding, math, science, creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking.


Here is an example:   (If in-person outdoors, TBA).

Part 1:  Project Launch and Set-Up (45-60 minutes):

1.  Together on Zoom, we build and code the "Hopper" base project (see image).

2.  Use a ruler to make a 3-foot race course.   

3. Time and write down how log it takes to hop it.  

Part 2:  Engineering Challenge:

Leave Zoom and modify the robot and/or the code to get across the finish line even faster.   Consider taking photos of the various iterations of the project. 

Part 3: Share Your Creation:

We meet back on Zoom to share our creations and our new modified Hoppers!  

Session Schedule, if Virtual:  If in-person outdoors, TBA.  

9:00-9:45/10:  Welcome, project launch and set-up 

9:45/10-11:30:  Design period, with extra time for a break.  I will be available for
questions and help.

11:30-12:00:  Sharing and Closure

1:00-1:45/2:  Welcome, project launch and set-up 

1:45/2-3:30: Design period, with extra time for a break.   I will be available for questions and help.

3:30-4:00:  Sharing and Closure

See the Interest Survey for more information.

I am looking forward to a great summer of learning and robotics together. Thank you once again for all your kind messages and emails and for supporting science and robotics education with your kids. It’s empowering, creative, fun work!


Please let me know if you have any questions - I am always happy to help. You can reach me through the contact page on Camp GObotics website, or email me at campgobotics@gmail.com.​




Eric Prothero

spike prime.png
spike prime kit.png
hopper base.png